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Here is a message forwarded by Tim Matthews of the DAV and Randy Edwards of the American Legion.

Please Support the Honor Flights

Comrades, DAV, VFW and any interested Veterans; 

This is information that needs to go to all veteran communities to share.  Thank you for taking care of our Veterans and seeing that they are rewarded. 

This another way we can give tribute to our world War II, Korean, and Vietnam Veterans.  I am sending the information to you so that you can use for however you can get the word out.  This is a great opportunity.

For more  information Call Curtis on the attached messages. 

Randy D. Edwards


Department of Utah

The American Legion

On Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 8:11 PM, Curtis, Dan - NRCS, Richfield, UT <> wrote:

The first document name Scan is the donation statement, second one is the Talking points for Utah HonorFlights.  These documents and the different media aids below my name should enable anyone to print and take them to a meeting or opportunity in point to share Utah Honor Flights.  The holidays are upon us.  Potential applicants are everywhere.    Applications attached above or from the website can be downloaded filled out and then sent to:  UTAH Honor Flights ;  PO BOX 42 ;  RICHFIELD, UT  84701

WE NEED DONATIONS ALSO, spread the word about honor flights!  ~~ Utah Honor Flight website.


The UHF Summit is January 4th…. (ONLY 15 days away)  Biggest Meeting to date for Utah Honor Flights.    Tentatively in Fillmore, Location will be sent out on Monday.   This is where all reports, trip plans, dates, orders for spring flights must be completed and plans set out for our Spring Schedule.  This is the 100% showdown of our assets, ideas and plans for the initial spring offensive.  Decisions on first few flights must be made and the SNOW ball will start rolling down the hill from this meeting. 


Flights are tentatively planned for:  2-5April / 16-19April / 30April-3May / 14-17May / 28-31May.   We almost have enough applicants for these flights but we do need more and we need donations or they don’t fly.  Please spread the word.


Another idea:  Possibly get your utility, municipality, or any entity with a mailing list to consider this popup to be printed in their circulations


“Utah Honor Flight’s is seeking World War II, Korean and Vietnam era veterans to fly back to the DC area to see all of their National Memorials for free! 

A grateful nation trying to thank them for their sacrifice and service.   More information at


Dan Curtis                                   Mike Turner - chair

Cell:  620-786-9896                  435-979-7067


***Christmas TV SPECIAL…..  Hi friends!  I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season! I’m excited to share that we will be airing a 30-minute special on Utah’s Honor Flight on Christmas Day at 6 pm on ABC 4. Please set your DVRs, or (in my case) dust off the old VCR and spread the word.  Wishing everyone a very happy holidays!   Take care,


Kim Johnson    ABC 4 News - Weekend Anchor/ Reporter  ~~ Adus Dorsey UHF 1 Videographer


Honor Flight Trailer #1      2:21  time


This Is Honor Flight     5:31    "        web page honor flight video


Thank you Soldier            4:23    "        Reagan Airport welcome


Here is another Honor Flight Video link that I think is very well done. It is seven minutes twenty-one seconds.   ~~ Arizona  ~~ there is still one article visible near the bottom of their page authored by Kim Johnson.  They had several film clips and I couldn’t find them ~~ Spectrum article in St. George