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Self Help... What to do.

Adapted from Make the Connection

Make the Connection is a fantastic resource for those seeking Recovery information


Recovery from a mental health issue is a process that involves developing Veteran on a computer.

  • hope,
  • self direction,
  • empowerment,
  • respect and
  • peer support.

You may benefit from having a professional help guide you on your recovery. But the essence of Recovery is You being responsible for You making choices based on what You want.

We know that people can physically rewire and reprogram their brains. But only if they practice new skills, the way that stroke sufferers work to regain lost functions. Mental health self help tools, like mindfullness, or, what I call "Active Conditioning," are within your reach.

No Charge. You just have to want it. This is how you learn to manage your symptoms and get unstuck. Its a process. Its not so much where you stand on the road to recovery. It's which way you are headed.

While recovering from a mental health challenge, there are several things you can do to reduce the overall impact of its symptoms on your life.

Try to work these into your daily routine:

  • Walk, jog, or workout within your current physical limits—Physical activity can improve your mood and help you sleep better
  • Eat healthy meals regularly—Good nutrition helps your body and your mind
  • Try to get a good night’s sleep—Getting quality sleep can help you feel better
  • Practice Mindfullness techniques—Meditation, prayer, or a hobby can help you focus your mind on what you desire, rather than on simply reacting to stress or crisis.
  • Help someone else with your spirit, knowledge, and kindness.