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Richard Baca's Pinto Bean with Bacon Recipe


2 cups of Pinto Beans

3+ strips of fried Bacon (to taste)

Half a crock pot of water (at least 4 cups) (Some folks love the beans' juice.)

Separate the beans and wash them one by one. Make sure you have nothing but beans: no rocks, no dirt, no bad beans. Clean em good. Very important.

Rinse them off with fresh water. Put them in a crock pot half full of water, (at least 4 cups) Cook on high for 8 hours. Don't add salt as most bacon is very salty and will season the beans.

Make sure your beans don't run out of water as they cook. Stir every once in a while.

When they are soft, pour off some water, if desired. The amount of water determines the texture. Less gives a thicker, stiffer batch. More water yields a soupier batch.

For Dandy Fresh Burritos

Refry the beans, (Drain the juice, mash the beans, fry the mashed beans.)

Mix refried beans with cooked hamburger meat, cheeze, onion, fresh or dried red, or green chile, Steam chilies in a plastic bag like a bread bag. Peel the skin and get rid of the stem and seeds. (Dice and freeze extra chilies for later.) Add or subtract ingredients to taste. Experiment.

Wrap it all up in a flour tortilla. Enjoy.