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Accessible Housing Made Easy

A Look At Handi-Ramp


The process of buying and/or modifying a home for wheel chair accessibility should not be as difficult as it is, said Thom Disch, Handi-Ramp President and CEO. Disch envisioned a nationwide program that would put resources at the finger tips of individuals and families in order to make accessibility solutions simple and pain free. This goal is the heart of the Home Access Program.

Disch began the Home Access Program with the goal of keeping the process as personal as possible. Disch's company, Handi-Ramp, learns who you are, what your needs are and works with you till the job is done. This is not one of those programs that takes your money and leaves you flat. This philosophy permeates the entire Handi Ramp organization.

Custom ramp solutions are what Handi-Ramp specializes in. Understanding your need and creating a solution on a budget is what we do best.
Handi-Ramp works with a variety of organizations including the Veterans Administration and various trade organizations (ITA & CTE Barter) to provide ramps that make life more rewarding for families with special needs.

Some of our most recognizable customers include Fox News, the American Red Cross, U.S. Department of Defense, The Ritz Carlton, and Stanford University. But helping individuals and families is what this company does best.

Before the Americans with Disabilities Act, people had no place to go for ramps and were forced to build their own unreliable models. Founder Kenneth P. Lovdahl, recognized this need through his younger brother Leonard, who lived with muscular dystrophy. A Certified Manufacturing Engineer by trade, Ken built the first ramp for Len in 1958, and thus, Handi-Ramp was born. Today, ramps are only part of Handi-Ramp®

Home ramp systemTo be successful they have become a solution company. They sell ramps and lifts, but mostly provide advice to people who need ramps and lifts. If you don't see what you want call them toll free (800) 876-RAMP and discuss your needs with them.

Because Handi-Ramp has their own manufacturing facility, in-house rampsmiths can custom design a ramp solution that is low in cost and meets your specific needs.

Their in-house ADA experts can help you find the right ramp solution whether it involves providing an in-stock ramp product, meeting ADA access requirements, or designing a ramp that is custom made to suit your individual needs.

Handi-Ramp has been in the accessibility industry 61 years. They offer a variety of solutions for handicap access including ramp systems as well as:

Side door van ramp- Portable Ramps
- Threshold Ramps
- Van Ramps
- Curb Cut Ramps
- Custom Wheelchair Ramps

Window well artHandi-Ramp has its own manufacturing facility allowing them to custom fabricate virtually anything. Designed with safety in mind our home products include:
- Non-Skid Treads
- Handrails
- Window Well Covers
- Window Well Art
- Custom Build a Ramp


Pet rampsHandi-Ramp loves pets! We feature the largest selection of pet ramps on the market, including products from all the top manufacturers.
- PetSTEP II Pet Ramp
- Hitch Step
- Aluminum Pet Ramps
- Wooden Dog Ramps

Handi-Ramp has a large selection of ramps for power sport equipment. They are highly portable and made to last. Products include:
- ATV Ramps
- Motorcycle Ramps
- Boat Ramps
- Snowmobile Ramps

This does not begin to cover all the services Handi-Ramp offers.
Handi-Ramp's products are available across North America including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Puerto Rico. Call them toll free at (800) 876-RAMP or 847-680-7700 to discuss your specific needs.