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Can PTSD be Healed?
by Scott Lee, Army Vet

Whether PTSD can be healed is a complex question depending on a variety of variables. Simple PTSD can for the most part be healed, but the more complex forms of PTSD or trauma-based disorders have exponential degrees of healing and becoming whole again. Multiple traumas and trauma stemming from serious childhood abuse that has crippled the attachments in a person will require many years of therapy and the prognosis deepens.

In therapy we can see vast amounts of relief from major symptomology, resulting in a euphoric feeling that we have never felt before and can only be described as a spiritual awakening. I felt this feeling for approximately two years after receiving a similar amount of therapy. I say this because this feeling feels as though I had been "cured", but...this feeling wore off and now I feel a post traumatic decline that borders on hopelessness.

So, to ask if PTSD can be healed, depends upon the depth and breadth of the cognitive and spiritual damage done and is a personal question we can ask ourselves for the rest of our lives.


(For more info on Post Traumatic Stress see this page from the National Center for PTSD editor)